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Lia Nower
Center for Gambling Studies, Rutgers University School of Social Work New Brunswick, NJ 08901 US
Phone: 848-932-5361 Website: http://www.lianower.com

Gambling in New Jersey  And Around the World


New Jersey has recently become the third state along with Delaware and Nevada to legalize Internet (online) gambling.  Before long, sports betting on mobile devices and through virtual casinos will also be legal.  This proliferation in gambling opportunities promises a windfall of profits for operators and tax revenues for states.  However, such expansion also brings with it the potential for negative consequences associated with gambling addiction: youth/adolescent gambling, bankruptcy, crime, unemployment, homelessness, mood and other psychiatric disorders, suicide, and health problems.

Going forward, it is critically important for regulators, legislators, operators and other policy decision-makers to establish a framework for responsible gambling that promotes harm reduction and informed choice.  This website outlines some of my efforts, as the Director of the Center for Gambling Studies at Rutgers University, to assist in that process.