National Problem Gambling Research Agenda

See the results of a national survey, conducted for the National Council on Problem Gambling HERE. The study establishes research priorities for problem and disordered gambling.

Selected Research

, J.D. , Ph.D.,

Pathways of Problem Gambling

This project is currently collecting data in Canada, the U.S. and Australia.  The purpose is to design a measurement instrument that will screen problem gamblers to identify the etiological risk factors that led to disordered gambling behavior. Currently collecting data. Final instrument will be available for download in 2015.


Goal Setting , Chasing & Decision Making During Slot Machine Play

This project, a collaboration with Dr. Michael Wohl of Carleton University, uses virtual casino technology to examine the decision to continue gambling in the face of mounting losses and the relationship of that decision to pre-established goals, personality variables and mood. Data collection completed; currently analyzing data.

Harm Reduction, Responsible Gambling, Informed Choice, Internet Gambling, and Self-Exclusion

We have undertaken reviews and policy initiatives related to these areas.  Many publications and  are available on ResearchGate (See Curriculum Vitae page for link).